News & Events


November 16th, 2021
Meeting with Neta Meidav, CEO & Founder of Vault Platform
Students met with Neta Meidav for a talk on social entrepreneurship: From idea to realization. Vault is a platform through which work ethics problems can be solved and, in doing so, a pleasant and professional work environment for everyone is created. During the meeting, Neta presented herself and her company, and spoke about the thought process she underwent from when she first formulated the idea up to the time through to when it took form and she established the company.
November 10th, 2021
Meeting with Raviv Melamed, CEO & Founder, Vayyar Imaging Ltd.
Students met with Raviv Melamed to hear a lecture about entrepreneurship: From idea to initiative – All the way to founding a start-up. Raviv is the CEO and Founder of Vayyar Imaging Ltd., a company that has developed a radio frequency integrated sensor that “sees” through objects and builds a three-dimensional picture of the environment without using any cameras. When it was first established, Vayyar focused on the medical field and aimed its first radio frequency sensors toward use as an imaging device that would serve as an accessible, relatively inexpensive and non-ionizing alternative for conventional mammogram devices designed for early detection of breast cancer. Today, the company’s focus has moved to include additional fields such as smart homes, cars, retail, security, medicine, consumerism and more.
October 31st, 2021
Academic year opening meeting – Excellence Program:
In this first meeting of the year—a face-to-face meeting (after a long period of only seeing each other on screens)—veteran students met the new students who joined the program this year. During the meeting, students were presented with challenging thinking activities in the form of an escape room. They had to work together as a team and received tools to help them develop creative and innovative thinking.
June 23rd, 2021
Meeting with Prof. Oren Salzman, faculty member and researcher in the fields of robotics, algorithmic motion planning, foundations of robotic planning, and computational challenges in robotics:
The students met with Prof. Oren Salzman who spoke to them about algorithmic motion planning meeting analysis. Prof. Salzman is a faculty member and researcher in the fields of Oren gave students an introduction into algorithmic motion planning in the context of robotic analyses and described the journey that led him to this field and its challenges and unrealized potential. Prof. Salzman received his PhD from the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Dan Halperin. He subsequently completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University, in the labs of Siddhartha Srinivasa and Maxim Likhachev. Prior to joining the Technion as a Senior Lecturer, Oren worked as a researcher in the National Robotics Engineering Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His research focuses on re-examining classic computer science algorithms, tools and paradigms in order to cope with the computational challenges that arise when planning robotic movement. By combining techniques from a range of fields such as computational geometry, graph theory and computational learning, he aspires to provide efficient algorithms for complex robotic systems. He graduated with a BSc with honors from the Technion and an MSc with honors from Tel Aviv University.