Student Benefits


Students from LAPIDIM excellence programStudents in the LAPIDIM program are entitled to benefits which aim to prepare them for the high-tech world in the most efficient way. These benefits include an enhancement of relevant study material, personal guidance and support, industry networking and “hands-on” workshops, as well as scholarships that enable the students to dedicate most of their time to studying.

LAPIDIM students take the department’s standard track of their choice, and in addition participate in special activities and courses designated to strengthen their managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

The supplementary activities are supported by Israel’s leading companies, and include meetings with industry leaders and prominent startup innovators, talks and lectures throughout the school year, as well as summer training workshops in the companies’ vicinities. These workshops provide the students with a unique opportunity to closelyLearning spaces within the Faculty designated for LAPIDIM students witness management on a worldwide scale and learn about the company’s activities, technology and organizational culture.

On the department’s side, LAPIDIM students receive personal guidance and support from a faculty member and an administrative assistant, as well as a newly equipped office allocated to the program’s students, which facilitates constant interaction with LAPIDIM students from previous years and graduates. Furthermore, LAPIDIM students are given an opportunity to take part in entrepreneurial activities in the Technion.

On top of the aforementioned benefits, LAPIDIM students enjoy a full tuition scholarship and  a monthly living expenses scholarship.