CS Department


Students from LAPIDIM excellence programThe Computer Science department at the Technion stands at the forefront of Israel’s technological education. It is considered one of the leading computer science departments worldwide, and is internationally rated among best and most prestigious academic institutes in the world. The department engages in a great variety of activities in education and research, and serves as a unique focal point for scientific and technological advancement.

The department consists of over 50 faculty members, all researchers with worldwide reputation in various fields of computer science, who are dedicated to the education and training of hi-tech industry’s and academia’s future generation. The department aims to provide its students, engineers and scientists alike, with tools for analytical thinking, alongside practical “hands-on” experience in designing and creating software systems. With about 1,800 undergraduate students and over 300 graduate students, the department currently constitutes the largest department in Israel in the field of computer science.

Owing to its uncompromising academic level and scientific excellence, the department selects only top-notch candidates for admission. The department prides itself on having an impressive alumni of leaders, who either hold key positions in prominent high-tech companies or act as excellent researchers in the best universities in the world. In addition to the various and exclusive study programs it offers, the department also administers elite programs for excelling students, aimed at developing the students’ creative and entrepreneurial skills, and creating the leaders of tomorrow in high-tech industry and academia. Moreover, the department inspires its graduate students to innovate and conduct cutting-edge research, leading the advancement of technological systems to new horizons.