Gadi Singer, VP of the Platform Engineering Group and GM for Israel Development Centers at Intel Corporation:



“As one of the largest employers of engineers in Israel, Intel sees its human capital as the most valuable resource for excellence and growth. Many of Intel’s worldwide technological innovation is fruit of the research and development done in Intel’s development sites in Israel. Contributing with the Technion to help grow exceptional talents is part of Intel’s responsibility and values as well as a clear business need for future leadership. We are keen to push for increasing STEM education in Israel and encourage growth of future engineering and sciences students for the high tech industry. We are delighted to be one of LAPIDIM sponsors and look forward to continue growing our collaboration with the Technion CS Faculty in the future.”


Yoram Yaacovi, General Manager at Microsoft Israel R&D Center:


“Microsoft Israel R&D Center is home to some of the company’s most exciting and innovative technologies. One of the key pillars of our vision is to harness the talent and innovation of the Israeli high-tech industry in order to create growth. Thus, our collaboration and relationship with the Technion goes back a long way and covers many projects and initiatives. We are very proud to be active partners in the LAPIDIM program, be it in its selection committee or hosting the chosen students in various meetings and activities offered by our prestigious “Excellence Program.”