Established in 2008, the LAPIDIM program introduces promising undergraduate CS students to the high-tech industry, providing them with deep knowledge, experience and practical tools designed to ‘jumpstart’ their careers. Program graduates are superbly equipped and ready to assume dynamic positions in the post-academic world. Every year the program’s academic heads assess the elite group of freshman undergraduate students studying in the Technion’s CS department and invite around ten excellent students who demonstrate outstanding leadership and interpersonal skills to join the program. These students embark on a unique educational journey conducted in challenging and nurturing study and work environments.

The LAPIDIM program works closely with the Israeli high-tech industry, and its students enjoy exclusive entry into the high-tech world during the course of their studies. Students meet and interact with successful entrepreneurs and key position holders in prominent high-tech companies. They benefit from an ongoing and fruitful connection with program graduates from previous years, as well as from participation in summer workshops conducted in cooperation with supporting companies. In addition to their studies in the CS track of their choice, LAPIDIM students participate in extracurricular courses that enhance their managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

The unique study environment provided within the CS department complements the academic and entrepreneurial advantages accorded LAPIDIM students. The program provides students with challenging and enriching surroundings, including a modern dedicated learning space that encourages positive interaction among participants, colleagues, graduates, and faculty. LAPIDIM students receive a full tuition scholarship and a monthly stipend.