Please, see some questions and detailed answers regarding LAPIDIM program:

  • LAPIDIM application is by invitation only. If you satisfy the LAPIDIM criteria, you will be contacted by the faculty.

  • Graduates of the LAPIDIM program would be awarded with an official certificate that acknowledges them as graduates of the program.

  • Programs supporting the LAPIDIM program occasionally post available student positions and would be happy to consider applicants from the LAPIDIM program.

  • Students in the program are eligible for monthly allowance scholarship as long as they do not get another scholarship from the Technion. The scholarship is paid monthly starting from October, and up to July.

  • Tuition is waived for students in the program.

  • During the academic year, we arrange enrichment meetings with key people from the industry, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. During the summer vacation, we hold meetings in companies that support the LAPIDIM program, in which students are exposed to research, advanced development, and management aspects. Participation in these activities is mandatory.

  • The list of eligible courses can be found in the catalog on the CS faculty website. Students who would like to enroll in a course that is not listed should contact the LAPIDIM academic supervisor for approval.

  • Students in the LAPIDIM program are required to satisfy all standard requirements for an undergraduate degree in one of the tracks in the CS faculty. In addition, students are required to take at least four (4) courses in entrepreneurship and management. Further, students are required to participate in special activities of the LAPIDIM program (such as visits to companies, meeting with entrepreneurs, and other enrichment activities) during the summer break, for a period of up to two weeks.

  • There are around 10 students who are admitted every year.

  • There is no need to prepare for the admission tests and interview, just be yourself. The aptitude test is designed to identify personality traits such as leadership, independence, and initiative, and use these to predict the suitability of the candidate to the LAPIDIM program.

  • During the spring, the LAPIDIM administration contacts candidates with exceptional academic achievements who have finished one or two semesters at the faculty of computer science.
    The first stage of the admission process is based on a biographical questionnaire and academic achievements. Candidates who pass the first stage are invited to the second stage, which includes a group dynamics test and a personal interview. Candidates who are admitted to the program would be notified during September.

  • Yes. Atudiam are welcome to join the program and benefit from financial support and office space.

  • Definitely! The LAPIDIM program provides technical enrichment, as well as additional soft-skills such as time management, teamwork, presentation skills, and others which are also useful for doing successful research.