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Sally Turutov

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Eden Konopnicki

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Asaf Shoham

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Eitan Gronich

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Katherine Paykin

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Shaza Abdallah

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Lian Abboud

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Shay Hacohen

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Amir Mann

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Noy Zini

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Omer Ziv

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Opal Maman

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Nitay Amiel

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Shani Kagan

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Lior Bar Yosef

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Jonathan Rubanenko

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Ariel Shalem

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Guy Sudai

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Yazan Othman

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Omer Daube

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Amir Khalaily

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Adi Grauer

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Yair Berman

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Tom Rahav

Tom was born in 1997 and is in the three-year computer science program. He chose to study computer science because he enjoys dealing with unique challenges using technological tools and thinking outside of the box. He loves to read, play volleyball, engage in extreme sports and travel in Israel and abroad.

" An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin "

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Koren Segal Benedek

Koren was born in 1996 and is in the three-year computer science program in the learning and information analysis track. He chose to study computer science because he is very enthusiastic about the technological world, especially about data science and its applications. He is interested in acquiring knowledge and tools at the highest level, which he hopes to use to create advanced technology-based products and implement his ideas. In high school he took advanced courses in physics and computer science. After finishing high school, he volunteered for one year at the “Kedma” youth village and mentored a group of youths from various backgrounds. In his army service, he served in an intelligence unit in a technology position, which increased his interest in technology and innovation. After his discharge, he began studying on his own about the world of entrepreneurship and worked in a start-up company called Bright Data in order to get to know the industry from close up. He loves to travel, to roam the world and get acquainted with new cultures.

" The program is an opportunity to open up to the world of entrepreneurship in parallel to getting an academic degree and to be part of a group whose members have similar objectives. "

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Adi Levy

Adi was born in 1995 and is in the computer science and mathematics program. She chose to take this program because she loves the combination between mathematical theory and the practicality of computer science in order to solve difficult problems. Adi grew up in Lapid, a small community, and went to ALEH high school. She loves, more or less, anything that includes sports and nature – especially diving, longs treks and bicycle riding. Today she works for a company as part of an algorithm and image processing team.

" To leave your imprint on the world it’s not enough to have strong analytical abilities and innovative ideas – you also need to know how to operationalize them, Lapidim gives anyone interested in this the tools to succeed in industry and in the world of entrepreneurship "

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Nitai Kluger

Nitai was born in 1998 and is in the three-year computer science program. He chose to study computer science because all his life he loved mathematics and solving all kinds of riddles. Computer science is exactly the subject in which you learn how to solve logic problem using algorithms, and, essentially for him, it is easy to learn how to solve riddles. Nitai grew up in Zichron Yaakov, went to “The Moshava” high school where he took advanced courses in physics and computer science. In his army service he served as a tank commander in a tank battalion. He loves to walk through nature, do CrossFit, and martial arts and always wants to learn new things.

" Lapidim is a program that challenges students in the area of entrepreneurship and projects, beyond what is needed to get a degree. Whoever likes challenges, this is the place for them. "

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Lior Grauer

Lior was born in 1996 and is in the computer science and mathematics program. He chose to study computer science and mathematics because the field of computers has interested him very much since he was in high school. He chose to combine computer science studies with mathematics because he believes that these are areas that have synergy and enable one to have a broad view of very interesting areas in computers such as algorithms, complex problem solving and more. Lior lives in Haifa and went to Reali high school where he took advanced courses in computer science, physics and Arabic. In his military service, he served as an officer in Unit 8200. He loves to travel and play basketball.

" The field of entrepreneurship interests me very much and appeals to me. In addition, the program gives you opportunities to meet talented and interesting people who are involved in the same areas as you. "

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Yuval Sasson

Yuval was born in 1996 and is in the computer engineering program. He chose computer engineering because the program combines courses in computer science and electrical engineering, which allows him to study a broad range of topics and become adept in subjects that interest him. Yuval was born in Netanya and went to “ORT Gutman” high school. He has a twin brother and two younger sisters. He served in Unit 8200 in the cyber unit for five years. His hobbies are to play saxophone, run and wall climb.

" The program enables you to get exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and industry even as you’re just studying and then develop tools and skills beyond the academic knowledge acquired through courses. "

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Yoav Javits

Yoav was born in 2002 and is in the software engineering program. He chose to study software engineering because already at an early age, the world of technology interested him very much – revolutionary inventions and a world whose latent opportunities captivated him then and still now. The field of computer science gives you the tools to initiate, create and make changes in this world, and influence tomorrow. It allows you to study areas such as artificial intelligence, algorithms, robotics, and logic in depth and through them to invent new technologies and implement them. Yoav was born and raised in Tel Aviv, the middle child between an older sister and a younger sister. He went to Telma Yalin high school and was in the jazz, bass guitar and electric guitar track. He began his military service in pilot school and during the checking stage, he signed a waiver in order to join the Psagot program, where he is today. He loves to play music, and sports, to run, swim and play basketball. In his free time, he enjoys reading books. He likes to travel and stretch himself to the limits of his abilities.

" If you want to lead, initiate, and create projects and ideas in the field of computer science – this is the place for you to study! The program exposes you to entrepreneurs from industry and enables you to learn from their past experience. It creates an important contact network for you for now and for the future, and encourages future technological breakthroughs. The Lapidim program combines excellent learning and entrepreneurial thinking, and thus enables you to enrich your studies in the Faculty and gain added value. "

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Gali Michlevich

Gali was born in 1997 and is in the computer engineering program. She chose to study computer engineering because she finds the hardware field very interesting and wants to know and understand computers and how they work in-depth and at their most basic level. She is also interested in the combination of computer science and other areas and the huge impact and possible contributions such synergy may have. Today, she works at Intel, a student employee working on formal verification in the Thunderbolt group. In addition, she is part of the Faculty’s student committee. She grew up on the Bnei Dror moshav, went to “Dror” high school in the systems design and programming track and took advanced courses in computer science and physics. In parallel, Gali was a counselor in the Bnei Moshavim youth movement. She trained for a decade in the Olympic sport of target shooting with a pistol and was part of the Israeli team. She was the Israeli young adult champion a number of times while still a cadet. She participated in competitions in Israel and around the world. During her military service, she was drafted as an outstanding sportswoman and after that served as a SAP implementer in the navy’s computerization unit. During her service in the standing army, she began taking courses through the Open University and from there transferred to the Technion. She loves to swim, dive, travel and trek, learn new languages and photography.

" The program allows you to get exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and leadership in high tech and to create important connections for the future, while being in an environment that aspires to excellence and encourages you. "

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Barak Glanz

Barak was born in 1997 and is in the three-year computer science program. He chose to study computer science because he has always seen himself as a problem solver, was always interested in riddles and knew that what he studied would be a milestone on his track to becoming an entrepreneur. Beyond his academic life, Barak also enjoys the social life on Technion campus in general and specifically, in the Faculty – it has surprised him, positively speaking. Barak came to the Technion by first going to the Open University, where he took courses while in the army. Barak left school in grade 10 in order to chase other objectives. He served as an intelligence officer and was discharged after five years of service. He loves rock climbing, sightseeing in Israel and abroad, competitive programming, and playing chess and games in general.

" I recommend being exposed to industry in parallel to studying in order to create a more complete and richer learning experience. It is best to do this as fast as possible, whether through work or through a project, and the Lapidim program provides the best environment for networking and nurturing the management and entrepreneurial leadership skills, which is difficult to get elsewhere. "

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Eitan Bloch

Eitan was born in 2002 and is in the Psagot software engineering program. He chose to study computer science because he was exposed to the field in high school and it interested and he wanted to continue studying it. Also, according to Eitan, computer science is a very challenging field that is continually developing and demands creative thinking outside of the box. Eitan was born in Switzerland and when he was seven-years-old, his parents came on Aliyah and settled in Raanana. He studied technology sciences in the physics and computer science track in Kfar Batya. His final school project dealt with image processing and machine learning, which he carried out at the Weizmann Institute.

" The Lapidim program is a unique opportunity to be exposed to the practical side of computer science and acquire tools from the world of entrepreneurship and leadership. "

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Or David Shafran

Or was born in 1998 and is in the three-year computer science program. He chose to study computer science after being exposed to the world of technological development in the army and in industry. As he puts it, he understood that to advance, to deal with and lead areas in which he is interested, he has to have the knowledge and tools that are gained in formal university studies. Thus far, his learning experience has been challenging but very enjoyable. At the age of 7, Oren moved with his family to the U.S.; they returned to Israel when he was 13 and about a year later, the family decided to go back to the U.S. Oren finished high school in the U.S. and decided to join the Israeli military as part of the Tzofim Garin Tzabar (IDF’s lone soldier program). He served in the army in Unit 8200 as a lone soldier and after his discharge worked for about a half a year in a high-tech company as a data scientist, prior to beginning his university studies.

" The program is full of opportunities to develop in different directions. It is a place where you’re given a lot of support to help you realize your vision/aspirations and objectives in personal and professional terms. "

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Ohad Sharon

Born in 1995, Ohad is enrolled in the computer science and mathematics course. He is enjoying his studies immensely. He came to his studies without any background in computer sciences but knew that the field interested him. He is combining computer science with math because math also interests him a lot and he feels that the combination is right and also enriches him. Ohad was raised in Kfar Vradim. He went to high school in Haifa and completed 10 units of music. He plays the drums and piano. He was drafted into the air force and after about a year and a half was dropped from the course and went to the Golani Brigade. There he commanded a platoon and afterward a team of cadets. Today he lives in Haifa and studies at the Technion. He loves music and sports.

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Ori Levi

Born in 1995, Ori is enrolled in the computer engineering track. He chose to study computer science because he loves to delve into solving problems using computers. Using the correct code and programming, we can solve problems or calculate complex formula in a couple of seconds compared to other people who may take days and nights to solve them. According to Ori, the great effort that one must invest in one’s studies is not a cliché and as an example, he presents himself. He did not finish high school and especially did not take computer science or physics at the level needed to get into the Technion. And despite this, after his army service, he began the Technion’s preparatory course, finished it as an outstanding student and continued to computer science studies at the Technion. In terms of hobbies, he loves to swim, read books and learn new things.

" This place is meant for those who are not willing to give up on themselves. Those who will also fight after failures and obstacles are those who will always walk with their head held high and continue on. If entrepreneurship, leadership and looking forward describes you, this is your place. "

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Roni Ashkenazy

Born in 1997, Roni is enrolled in the computer science and mathematics course. Already in high school, Roni loved computer science and math, with computer science her favorite. It was clear to her that she would take a combination of the two when she went to university. Roni was born and grew up in Herzliya and went to Rishonim High School. She completed the chemistry, physics and computer science track. She participated in the math programs for gifted youth at Bar-Ilan University and finished her mathematics matriculation exams in grade 10. She had a very meaningful year as a cadet in the “Ami Chai” pre-army preparatory program in Kibbutz Cramim, a social-Zionist leadership preparatory program. In the army, she served as an electro-optical technician, in the technology unit of Military Intelligence

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Nesi Cohen

Born in 1994, Nesi is enrolled in the three-year computer science degree program. He chose to study computer science because he has always been interested in the field of computer science, complex problem-solving using algorithms, and pieces of code looked like magic to him. Studies at the Technion, and especially the math courses in first year, were hard but challenging and very satisfying. Nesi was born and grew up in Migdal. He went to the ORT High School in Ma’ala in Tiberias. After finishing his studies and before starting his army service, he worked for his family in agriculture for about a half a year. In 2013, he was drafted to pilot school but dropped out after about a year and continued to an air traffic controller course. After finishing the course, he was assigned to a unit in the north, where he served as an air traffic controller for five years. He was discharged from the army with the rank of captain, and shortly afterward married.

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Maroun Khriesh

Born in 2000, Maroun is enrolled in the three-year computer science degree program. He really enjoys his studies in the Faculty and the material he is studying is fascinating. Moreover, he enjoys the parties in the Technion and the Faculty activities. Maroun was born in Haifa and went to the Italian School. He plays the violin and the viola, loves to play soccer and travel abroad. Already in high school, he was drawn to the field of computers and knew he was going to study computer science in university. After finishing high school and before coming to the Technion, he worked at a startup and his passion for the field of computer science, on the one hand, and for the field of entrepreneurship and management, on the other hand, only grew. Accordingly, he decided to apply to the Lapidim program that combines both fields.

" I warmly recommend joining the program. As a student in the program, you can learn, experience and understand many, many things that aren’t bounded by the syllabus leading to a degree, and obviously, knowledge is power. "

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Dor Hay Shacham

Born in 1997, Dor is enrolled in the computer science and physics track. He chose to study computer science because ever since he was young, he was drawn to riddles and thinking games and because of this, learned on his own during high school how to program. When he understood how significant a field computer science is for our lives, he decided to study the field and make it his career. In addition, he also decided to combine physics studies with it because he enjoys the special relationship between physics and computer science—where physics describes the real world and computer science creates a new reality. Dor grew up in Zichron Ya’akov, went to the Mevo’ot Irron High School and studied in the physics and Arabic tracks. In the army Dor served as a soldier and chief (commander of mechanics) on the naval patrol boats based in Haifa Bay. His hobbies are solving riddles, playing computer games and Brazilian jujitsu.

" I believe that the Lapidim project provides tools that are essential today, if we want to realize fully the potential inherent in every one of us. "

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Or Keret

Born in 2001, Or is enrolled in the advanced software engineering track. He chose to study computer science because, today, computers are a scientific field with the greatest impact on humanity and are central to our lives. It is also a field that he already knew very well before starting his studies, having locked onto to it in high school and the “Magshimim” program. Or especially likes the area of algorithms and databases, and in general likes any topic in computer science that is closely related to mathematics. Or is an army reserve student in the Psagot program. He originally lived in Jerusalem, went to the Lida High School and is the oldest of four boys. He plays basketball and swims for fun, runs as a sport, and tries to read as many books as he can between semesters. He loves to spend time with friends, hike in Israel and travel abroad.

" If you’re an entrepreneur through-and-through and you have creative ideas in technological areas that you’re interested in realizing in the future, this is the place where you’ll get the tools that will help you create, initiate, lead projects and choose entrepreneurship as a way of life. In the program, we get special training in entrepreneurship and leadership skills and even learn from the rich experiences of active entrepreneurs. In addition, through the program you get to meet outstanding people, individuals with strong entrepreneurial instincts, with whom you can stay in contact even after you finish your studies—and embark on joint projects, or consult with them on professional matters. In short, I highly recommend you join! "

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Ahmed Agbaria

Born in 2000, Ahmed is enrolled in the four-year computer science degree program. He chose to study computer science because computer scientists improve the world. He lives in Musmus and went the El-Ahalyya-Atid High School. Today, he works as a social mentor in the Technion’s Equal Opportunities Project and among his hobbies, he counts computer games, football/soccer and running.

" Lapidim is an enriching program, which gives its students opportunities to be exposed to the profession in the broadest and deepest sense. In addition, the program will help you integrate into the world of high tech that much faster. I warmly recommend joining the program. "

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