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Shai Guendelman

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Bahagat Kauar

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Roi Hochler

Born in 1994, Roi is enrolled in the four-year computer science degree program. He chose to study computer science in order to acquire the tools to realize his ideas. He loves to think and challenge himself, and the field of computer science is replete with challenging problems so it’s the field he chose to study. Originally from Holon, today Roi lives in Haifa. He went to Yitzhak Navon High School and completed the computer science track. In the army, he served in the ELINT section of Unit 8200, and afterward worked for a year and a half in a high-tech company involved in communications. He loves long-distance running, diving and travelling the world.

" Whoever wants to be more exposed to the world of entrepreneurship, new developments, and to integrate into management positions in the future, this is the program for them! "

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Sivan Yosebashvili

Born in 1998, Sivan is enrolled in the computer science and mathematics course. “You can’t fall if you don’t climb, but it isn’t a lot of fun to spend your whole life on the ground.” In Sivan’s opinion, this is the essence of the program—to know how to create and utilize the atypical opportunities to create unique products. The choice of computer science stemmed from a desire to integrate into the developing and changing technology world, in a leading field. The choice of the computer science and math track grew from the desire to challenge myself, and because of the natural combination of the two. My dream is to be part of a revolutionary project that will cause a change in the way a particular population lives, and I believe that the program can be the first step in realizing this dream. Sivan danced ballet for 15 years, plays the piano and volunteered for Magen David Adom. She lives in Nahariya and loves to hike through the north on weekends. She loves to listen to music. In the army, she served as a commander in C4i and Cyber Defense Directorate courses.

" The program is an excellent opportunity to get exposed to the world of entrepreneurship and leadership, to develop yourself and acquire tools to continue on your way. "

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Yaniv Holder

Born in 1995, Yaniv is enrolled in the four-year computer science degree program. He works at Intel and is a member of their team performing optimizations for processor validation by machine learning. He chose to study computer science because he was always drawn to computers. In high school, he took ten units of computer science and was exposed to the thinking that the field requires, which is thinking outside of the box and mixes complex problem solving with transforming the solutions into algorithms. Since then, he has always understood that this is the field he wants to be involved in. Yaniv went to Leo Baeck High School in Haifa. Afterwards he volunteered for a year of national service in Gedara as part of the “Scouts” youth movement and at the end of the year, joined a NAHAL army unit (Brigade 50), in the framework of the Scouts. He loves to travel and after he completed his army service, he hiked the complete Israel Trail and spent five months travelling in the East.

" In my opinion, the program is an outstanding opportunity to get added enrichment beyond the classes and develop one’s leadership and entrepreneurship skills, beyond one’s professional and technical abilities. "

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Hadas Abraham

Born in 1998, Hadas is enrolled in the three-year computer science degree program. She chose to study computer science because already as a young girl, she was drawn to the fields of logic and riddles and many of the courses teach thinking methods, solution techniques and open one’s mind in terms different thought patterns and deepen and broaden knowledge in future-focused subjects. Hadas was born in Ramat Gan, went to Blich High School and graduated from the computer science and physics tracks. In the army, she served in Unit 8200, first as a data analyst where she dealt with the techno-intelligence world and afterwards was promoted to product manager for systems in the Unit. The position was very meaningful and she learned a great deal including how to work on a development team, how to characterize systems and how to lead implementations and provide instruction. Hadas loves to cook, dance (she danced for nine years), sports in general and Maccabi Tel Aviv in particular – loves to watch sports, the Olympics, tennis, the Mondial, and especial Maccabi Tel Aviv during the EuroLeague and loves to travel.

" The program is an excellent platform for enriching knowledge and acquiring skills and tools from the world of management and entrepreneurship while getting to know good people in the Faculty. "

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Ofir Florentz

Born in 1994, Ofir is enrolled in the three-year computer science degree program. He works at IBM in NLP R&D. He chose to study computer science because it is a broad area touching many fields and, using it, you can solve problems and improve the quality of life of many people. In the army, Ofir served as an office for four and a half years in Unit 8200. He loves to travel and participate in sports. He is also a member of the Technion’s Debate Team.

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Asaf Bialystok

Born in 1995, Asaf is enrolled in the three-year track. He chose to study computer engineering given that already in high school, he felt very much attuned to the field, and after deeper examination into the issue, understood that it is for him. Asaf grew up in Gedara and Ramat Hasharon. He went to Alon High School in Ramat Hasharon and completed the computer science and physics track. Asaf served in an army intelligence corps for five years. He loves music and playing music.

" I warmly recommend joining the program. In my opinion, it provides an added value to the degree, diversifies it and makes it much more interesting. "

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Jonathan Josef

Born in 1991, Jonathan is enrolled in the three-year track. He chose to study computer science because, already at an early age, he was told he has “ants in his pants” and that would hurt him. He learned that this gives him an advantage. He calls it the blood of an entrepreneur. It is what makes one feel that one cannot stand on the same spot, that one must keep advancing all the time. Computer science is a dynamic and developing field. He who stands on the same spot – gets left behind. This is the reason Jonathan chose to combine the study of computer science with his entry into the world of entrepreneurship, where he is headed. Jonathan loves learning and teaching. His hobby is playing soccer, basketball and tennis.

" If you are the smartest guy or gal in the room, you’re in the wrong room” – Confucius. The right room is on the second floor in Taub "

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Matan Shaumberg

Born in 1995, Matan is enrolled in the computer engineering track. He chose to study computer science because, in his opinion, the field is one of the strongest and broadest existing in the market. Programming and mathematics can be taken into a vast number of directions. This is the present and especially the future. Matan was born and raised in Haifa. He went to Alliance High School, focusing on computers and physics. He did his army service as an aerial photograph interpreter in Unit 9900 (a military intelligence unit). It was an interesting job that included many hours in front of a computer as well as working with people on the subject of training and different projects. His main hobby is sports, whether it is different ball games such as volleyball or football, and jogging, and in recent years, mainly working out in a gym. In addition, he likes to play guitar occasionally, to read books and to travel!

" Try with all your might. The program is full of interesting content, smart people and a great atmosphere. What is better than combining entrepreneurship and computer science? "

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Tal Skverer

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Ronny Barkan

Born in 1995, Ronny is enrolled in the three-year track. He chose to study computer science because it had always seemed like magic to him. In his view, if there’s a problem that take a long time to solve or that cannot be solved by humans, all one needs, in general, is make a really big one-time effort to create “magic” that will solve the problem in a reliable and quick way from here on in. There is nothing like it anywhere. Raised in Haifa, Ronny studied in the physics, economics, business and Arabic track in the Reali High School. In the army, he served in Unit 8200. He loves to jog, travel the world, learn new things, meet new people and see good quality films. He was a football judge for eight years, as part of the Israel Football Association, and in that capacity, judged second tier football games, sometimes with large crowds, in different and varied locations in the north of the country.

" I warmly recommend the program to any student interested in developing her- or himself in terms of entrepreneurship and leadership, and who wants to add a practical and enriching slant to their studies at the Technion. "

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Yonatan Sommer

Born in 1994, Yonatan is enrolled in the four-year track. He chose to study computer science because he was drawn to the field as an abstract one using technology and mathematics to solve very complex programs. In addition, he is very interested in artificial intelligence and in the shape the world is taking and changing using it. Yonatan was born in the US and came to Israel when he was two years old. He served in the army as a ground control officer in the operational headquarters of the air force. He loves to play guitar and the piano, to play basketball and watch American sports

" The program constitutes a unique opportunity to develop oneself and get exposed to entrepreneurship fields and industry leaders, beyond one’s undergraduate studies "

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Hasan Agbaria

Born in 1998, Hasan is enrolled in the three-year track. He chose to study computer science after getting a taste of it during his high school studies and after taking the Full Stack course, Founders and Coders, and working on a few projects. In his view, studying in university is not easy but it is an opportunity to learn, to advance and to grow. Hasan lives in Umm al-Fahm and plays the violin and loves to sing. In his opinion, he always loved new things and challenging himself. Today, he works as a social coordinator in the Department of Computer Science as part of the Equal Opportunities Project

" Lapidim is a program that encourages students not only to continue to succeed in their studies but also to be entrepreneurs. The program also provides a warm atmosphere and a sense of belonging, in addition to providing students with help that enables them to focus on their studies without worrying about financial aspects. "

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Heba Karayanni

Born in 199, Heba is enrolled in the four-year track. According to her, the decision to study computer science was obvious. She has always loved challenging herself and problem-solving, and since studying programming in high school, had been in love with the field. In her view, computer science is a pioneering and interesting profession, and constitutes a key to advancement of any other technological subject. She loves to play piano in her spare time, to jog and to travel around the world.

" The program is an excellent platform for getting exposed to and integrating into industry and broadening one’s horizons already in university, in a supportive environment composed of outstanding people from the department. And in my opinion, it will help anyone who gets accepted to utilize their potential. "

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Boris Goldin

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Gal Goldshtein

Born in 1995, Gal is enrolled in the general three-year track. She chose to study computer science because, by coding, she believes one can transform any idea into something real and create something from nothing. In addition, she loves mathematics and, therefore, chose computer science because the degree that combines mathematics with programming seemed to be the best program for her. She lives in Ra’anana and graduated from Ostrovsky High School, having completed the physics and chemistry track. She served in Unit 8200 and afterwards worked for a year and a half as a software tester in a communications company. She is a member of Technion’s women’s basketball team and in general likes to play sports. In addition, she likes to plan trips and travel around the globe.

" Anyone who is looking to combine entrepreneurship and computer science studies – this is the program for them. The program provides important tools for entrepreneurs just starting out and offers a springboard into work in industry. "

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Gal Shenker

Born in 1994, Gal is enrolled in the three-year undergraduate program. He chose to study computer science because he has always been attracted to technological topics, and believes that computer science is an inherent part of almost all technological innovations in our time. Gal feels that computer science is a fundamental and important tool in the various research and development fields, besides computer science itself – biology, medicine, agriculture, chemistry and more. Gal was born and raised in Nahariya. He went to high school in Kibbutz Cabri’s Manor-Kabri High School. During high school, he took computer science, physics and Arabic. He began his army service in Flight School and after his first training flight, dropped out and started training in an airborne intelligence unit. He served as a soldier and then as an officer in this unit, until his release from the army. Over the years, he learned how to play various instruments – piano, drums, and guitar (as a hobby).

" I recommend joining the program, becoming part of a high-quality group of students, being exposed to the world of industry and to leading companies and enriching your studies with additional content from the world outside of academia. "

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Or Steiner

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Shai Guendelman

Born in 1994, Shai is enrolled in the three-year computer science track. He chose to study computer science because it is the most trailblazing area of science today. The things that computers have enabled us to do and that the things that they will allow us to do in the future really intrigue Shai and he wants to take part in this. According to Shai, the Technion is an interesting place. Beyond the courses that you will take during your studies, you will meet amazing people and it is a place that will open many more doors for you than any other place in Israel.

" If you aspire to succeed in any field whatsoever, be it business or research or any other area, the program will help you acquire tools appropriate for this. These are the relevant things for everyone. "

Adi Horowitz

Born in 1995, Adi in enrolled in the four-year computer engineering degree program. According to Adi, in the past she did not study computers and therefore hesitated a bit before choosing the Faculty of Computer Science. In hindsight, the choice was an excellent one and she believes that the profession suits her very much. Adi was born in Haifa and grew up there. She studied at the “Reut” arts middle school and graduated from the dance track. For high school she went to Leo Baeck and completed the physics and chemistry track. In the army, she served as an officer in the C4i (Teleprocessing) Corps as a commander in the technician division of Hoshen battalion. Adi has been dancing classical ballet since she was a young girl and loves sports and hiking.

" The program constitutes an excellent platform for finding your personal potential, while getting to know great people in the Faculty. This is an opportunity to broaden horizons, beyond the courses you’ve chosen, in the areas of management and entrepreneurship. Looking ahead, I hope that the program will give us tools that will enable us to integrate, in the best possible way, into industry at the end of our studies "

Noa Goldberg

Born in 1995, Noa is enrolled in the three-year computer science track. According to Noa, she came to study as much as she can and to also enjoy herself, to create friendships with the wonderful people at the Technion and to discover and be exposed to new fields. Noa lives in Hoshaya and served in the technological unit of the Intelligence Corps. She loves music, reading, knitting, drawing and preparing memes.

" Don’t miss any opportunity to become the person you can be. "

Nadav Elias

Born in 1999, Nadav is enrolled in the Psagot program enhanced computer programming track. He chose to study computer science because it is a huge field through which one can reach almost any other area and it can be linked to everything, beginning with aeronautics through robotics and up to virtual reality. Nadav grew up in Netanya and went to ORT Gutman high school. He is the oldest of four boys. Today, he is an academic reserve (atuda) in the Psagot program. His hobbies are tennis and ping-pong, going on extreme hikes in Israel and abroad, including rappelling, mountain climbing, via ferrata, canyoning etc. Further, he regularly participates in navigation competitions throughout Israel and has even participated twice in a navigation camp for youth in the Czech Republic. During high school, Nadav studied several areas of computer science and programming on his own and even worked on a security project on a subject combining networks and NFC technologies.

" The Lapidim program enables one to enrich the studies in the Faculty, giving them an added value, asides from the rich knowledge acquired in regular studies. The program is especially appropriate for anyone interested in expanding his or her horizons beyond standard studies, and particularly to get acquainted with the world of high tech and advanced technology, which one generally enters after finishing studying. "

Nader Karayanni

Born in 1999, Nader is enrolled in the four-year computer science track. He chose to study computer science because he loves to solve problems, to work in a group and to build projects. Moreover, the field of computer science is a central area, touching almost every other field and, through it, one can advance, build and influence. Nader lives in Kfar Yasif. He completed the computer science and physics track in high school and, since then, has loved the field. He likes programming competitions where the work is done in groups and loves to hike with friends.

" I highly recommend to every student that he or she register for the Lapidim program. The atmosphere is very supportive and it is very important to meet new people, entrepreneurs with high abilities. The program also enriches you, giving you important tools and contacts, and don’t forget the scholarship that helps us concentrate on studying without financial worries. "

Yishayah Godman

Born in 1992, Yishayah is taking a double major in bioinformatics and computer science. Yishayah chose to study bioinformatics because he believes it to be a fascinating field, combining today’s broad knowledge of biology with the extraordinary abilities of computers. This track is the basis of future medicine. Yishayah studied in Horev high school yeshiva and, in the army, served as a commander in the Givati Brigade infantry division. He loves to play basketball and to hike

" The Lapidim program encourages its participants to think creatively, outside of the box, which in turn stimulates their abilities to initiate and develop "

Gal Sidi

Born in 1999, Gal is enrolled as part of the Psagot program in the computer engineering track. She chose to study computer science because she believes the field is interesting and continually developing, covering a range of subjects and key to future technological advances. Gal lives in Modi’in and is a graduate of Mor high school. She completed the physics and computer engineering tracks of the Gvahim program. Before beginning her studies, she was involved in competitive swimming and even today continues to swim and compete in her free time. Gal also loves to cook.

" The Lapidim program is an opportunity to be exposed to the practical side of the field and to broaden your knowledge of the entrepreneurial and managerial side also. In providing a supportive and nurturing environment, the program is an additional springboard for the future "

Bahjat Kawar

Born in 1999, Bahjat is studying in the four-year computer science track. Since childhood, he has enjoyed programming. At the age of seven, he began building websites and built a number of small projects. Bahjat was born in Nazareth and has previously worked from home, programming for a US start-up. He is a graduate of the MEET Program for Entrepreneurship and Computer Science and dreams of launching his own successful start-up. He loves to watch soccer games, spend time with his friends and is always ready for a FIFA game.

" Try to enjoy not only the period of your studies, but also the studies themselves. If you don’t enjoy the studies, most likely you’re not in the right study track for you "

Elia Rabia

Born in 1992, Elia is enrolled in the three-year computer science degree track. Elia, a graduate of the Bnei Zion Leadership Academy in Tel Aviv, served four and a half years in the Givati Reconnaissance Battalion beginning as a combat soldier moving up to the position of platoon commander and assistant platoon commander in a platoon commanders’ course.

" Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” – The Technion, beyond being a framework for learning, provides an excellent and high-quality social environment. The Lapidim program takes this principle to the limit "

Daniel Yacobi

Born in 1995, Daniel is studying for a double major degree in mathematics and computer science. Daniel chose to study computer science because it is a challenging and innovative field and the combination of the field with high mathematical abilities should enable her to work in interesting and exciting areas. Daniel, who lives in Petach Tikvah, graduated from the “Ahad Ha’am” high school’s gifted students track. She served as a logistics officer in the Armored Corps and loves to dance the salsa.

" The program combines the computer science field with the field of management and entrepreneurship. If these are fields that interest you – I highly recommend you join the program! "

Dan Aaronson

Born in 1998, Dan is enrolled in the software engineering track. He chose to study computer science because he sees it as a very central field today, used in many other areas—whether because of the computer science way of thinking, its algorithms or the use of computers to perform tasks. At the age of 10, Dan came on “aliyah”, moving from the US to Tel Mond, where he finished school. During high school, he studied in the science-engineering track, where he was introduced to the fields of biology, electronics and algorithms. His studies in this track led him to appreciate the field of entrepreneurship and understand the need for studying in order to acquire a wide range of knowledge from which solutions can be found to existing problems. Dan is a reserve officer who will complete his army service after graduating.

" In my opinion, anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur and a leader should try to be part of this program. I believe that the enrichment sessions and meetings with industry leaders will give us important tools for succeeding and advancing in the field of entrepreneurship. Moreover, we are joining a group of outstanding students in the faculty that can help each other continue to excel in our studies "

Gilad Levi

Born in 1995, Gilad is enrolled in the computer engineering study track.

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Barak Gur

Born in 1994, Barak is studying for a degree in computer science, physics and mathematics. In his opinion, the ability to adapt to the way of mathematical thinking and internalize it is the most significant, challenging and rewarding part of the start of academic studies. Mathematics is the steadfast basis of all fields of knowledge, and especially computer science; therefore, a strong foundation in mathematics is a great jumping-off point for every new area. Barak grew up in Rosh Ha’Ayin and studied in the Handasaim High School in Herzliya. As far back as he can remember, he has been involved in science and technology. For him, it seems so natural and basic, so that he always looked for it around him and wanted to learn more about it. He is naturally inquisitive, loves to read, learn new things, travel and get to know new places and people.

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Yarden Adir

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Or Guz

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Lior Zadik

Born in 1994, Lior is enrolled in the four-year computer science track. Lior has always been interested in computers and mathematics and chose to study computer science because he sees it as a combination of the two. Using a computer, wonderful things can be created and an unlimited number of areas can be affected. Lior lives in Kiryat Haim. He loves the cinema, books and hiking in Israel and around the world.

" The program offers the opportunity to meet outstanding people and be exposed to the world of high tech "

Yarden Shapira

Born in 1994, Yarden is enrolled in the four-year computer science track. She has always been drawn to the world of computers and knew that this is where she wanted to work. For her, there is something very special in the combination of theory and practice in every course. She wants to work with people and move up to a management position. She was born in Kiryat Haim, and in high school, studied in the exact sciences track. In Grade 12, Yarden participated in the Algebra A course at the Technion, which is part of the ‘Integrating Outstanding High School Students in Academic Studies’ program. Yarden served a year and a half in the pilot’s course for military navigation and an additional half year as the aide to the commander of Shayetet 13 of the navy. After this, she worked for about a year in a medical start-up, “Check Cup”, setting up an engineering team for product testing. She wrote and conducted software checks and manual tests. She loves to play piano and guitar, to read and participate in sports.

" I recommend to any outstanding and inquisitive student that wants to learn more than just computer science but also about the world of industry and management and entrepreneurship – that he or she join the program. This is a golden opportunity for students so there’s no reason not to try "

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Rachel Mikulinsky

Born in 1993, Rachel is enrolled in the double major program of physics and computer science and also works as a programmer in Aperio. She was exposed to the world of computers in the army and understood that this a broad and diverse world in she can find her place. She was born in Rehovot, served in the 8200 military unit as a soldier, becoming an officer and team leader.

" Why not? This is an opportunity to do something non-routine, which is always nice and enriching "

Hadas Orgad

Born in 1995, Hadas is enrolled in the four-year computer science track. She views her studies at the Technion as challenging and rewarding. This is an opportunity to learn at the highest level and be exposed to the diverse and fascinating world of technology. Hadas served as the commander of a network information security team in the Information Systems, Processes and Computer Unit – the Navy’s computer division. She loves to sing, play guitar and draw.

" If you are interested in entrepreneurship, and want to get the most out of your undergraduate degree – this is the track for you "

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Tal Alon

Born in 1998, Tal is enrolled in the enhanced software engineering track. She chose to study computer science because, in her opinion, this is a dynamic area offering a wide range of opportunities, which may lead to solutions of significant problems and advance society. She lives in Or Yehuda, in the Neve Rabin neighborhood. Tal graduated from Ben Zvi High School in Kiryat Ono, with her focus on computers and Arabic. She spent several years swimming competitively and still loves to swim. She continues to practice, work out and run. Tal is a military reservist in the Psagot program.

" The LAPIDIM program is a path to knowledge and empowerment both in the field of technology and management; the combination of the two areas is a significant springboard "

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Elia Turner

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Nicola Avdella

Born in 1996, Nicola is enrolled in the software engineering study track. He chose computer science because in this field, ideas can be turned into something real. He began his Technion career with a year in the preparatory program, which for him was a new and wonderful experience. He likes to ride all terrain bikes and play tennis.

" This is a good opportunity that enables you to be in an environment that makes your studies even more interesting. For instance, to be around people with high potential pushes you in a very nice way to improve yourself and go more in-depth into the field. This is in addition to activities and lectures that the program offers, which help students see the field of computer science from the perspective of industry. Let’s also not forget the benefits that the program provides its students within the Faculty as well as the scholarship "

Nikolay (Niko) Kudriastev

Born in 1990, Niko is enrolled in the general computer science study track. He warmly recommends the algebra courses (A + B) given by Nir Ben-David. He thinks taking them is a rare academic and personal experience. Niko admits that “he talks too much".

" For a student who is interested in entrepreneurship and leadership, there is no reason not to try to join the program "

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Shai Zeevi

Born in 1997, Shai is enrolled in the enhanced software engineering study track. Shai has been interested in computer science, and especially programming, for many years. He particularly likes that the field has a lot of dynamics, range and innumerable opportunities for learning and gaining experience. Shai was born and has lived his whole life in Ra’anana. He graduated from Mor Metro-West High School. He has an identical twin brother who is also an army reserve student but who is studying in Tel Aviv.

" There was no doubt about having to join if you’re a student that enjoys studying and wants to be a significant part of technological industry – Lapidim is the right place. I am sure that the program will give each student the supportive and challenging environment he or she needs to make the most of their potential "

Sharon Yogev

Born in 1991, graduated the computer engineering study track and works as a full stack developer for FanZone. He has always loved the field of computers and technology, so it was natural for him to study these at the Technion after also being involved with them during his army service. He served five and a half years as a soldier and then as an officer in the 8200 technology unit. In general, he loves sports, especially karate (he is on the Technion’s karate team).

" There is no reason why not. You meet good people and get exposed to interesting subjects "

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Liron Bronfman

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Omer Elkabetz

Born in 1993, currently studying toward a double degree in mathematics and computer science. Since childhood, Omer has loved mathematics and riddles. When he started studying programming in school, he fell deeply in love with problem solving programming and the mathematical side of the complex algorithms involved in this. He believes that it is possible to go very far with the tremendous power of computers combined with high mathematical abilities. Omer served in Unit 8200. He likes sports, playing beach volley ball with friends and spending time with his family.

" The program has a lot of added value because it acquaints you with the industrial side, business plans, entrepreneurship, and management. It enables you to get to know high quality people. I strongly recommend it "

Gal Peretz

Born in 1989, Gal is graduated the four-year computer science degree program in 2017 and also works as a software development engineer in IBM’s security department. From childhood, he has been interested in computers. When he was 12, Gal bought his first book on software development and since then has been involved in this field. He is a graduate of the computer science–physics track of ORT Greenberg High School in Tivon. He served as a combat soldier in the 7th Armored Brigade of the IDF. He loves to snowboard, to play basketball, and of course, to code.

" I advise every outstanding student with an interest in entrepreneurship to become part of the LAPIDIM program. The program gives its students the rare opportunity to get acquainted with key people in the industry and to hear about how they became successful "

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Elad Nachmias

Born in 1992, Elad graduated the enhanced software engineering program. Previously, Elad worked in programming and content management systems development. He believes that entrepreneurs should be able to set up the information systems they want, without having prior programming knowledge the computer should select the most appropriate algorithms for the task. At the Technion, he is learning not to accept the existing state of affairs, especially convincing solutions. He is a skeptic looking for finding new and creative solutions. In his spare time, he loves to run, particularly on the beach.

" The LAPIDIM program constitutes a golden opportunity for whoever is interested in developing a career in which he or she will lead creative and entrepreneurial processes that impact future technology "

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Michael Maltsev

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Gal Malka

Born in 1991, graduated the four-year computer science degree program in 2017. Works as a software development engineer at Microsoft. Computers have always interested him and the decision to study computer science at the Technion was a natural one for him. He was born in Haifa, graduated from the Reali High School and served in the 8200 IDF unit. Gal plays soccer and tennis, and generally, loves sports.

" If you want to go far in the area of computers, the LAPIDIM program is a fabulous starting point "

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Valentin Dashinsky

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Daniella Bar lev

Born in 1994, graduated double-degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and working in ScaleIO-EMC. I chose to study computer science mainly because I really enjoyed it in high school; the combination with mathematics felt natural from the beginning and the more I advance in my degree studies, the more I see how the fields are interconnected and complementary. She grew up in Ashdod, volunteered to serve in the IDF and worked as a project manager in the medical corps. One of her main pastimes is playing tennis.

" The LAPIDIM program exposed me to the world of computer science in industry and thus I found the direction I want to move in, professionally. Further, through the program I met amazing, high caliber people and I don’t regret for an instant joining the program "

Linkedin of Daniella Bar lev
Adam Erdreich

Born in 1992, graduated the four-year computer science degree program. He loves sports, music and photography. He dreams of finishing his studies and doing extremely well. Especially his BSc.

" I would recommend to every outstanding student that he or she joins LAPIDIM. The program provides (asides from its significant benefits) a warm home in the Faculty, both in terms of friends in the program and on the part of the teaching staff. It is a wonderful feeling. The program’s unique content gives us rare exposure to the real world outside, and its added value is inestimable. "

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Ari Zigler

Born in 1985, graduated the Software Engineering track in 2013. As a student he worked as an intelligence systems developer in Elbit, and is currently working as a distributed storage system developer in IBM. Graduated the computers and physics department in the scientific technological high-school in Kfar Batya, and served in the military paratrooper brigade. Lives in Elkana with his wife, Aviva, also a CS graduate. Plays the violin, loves long distance running and has recently taken up kite-surfing.

" I see LAPIDIM as a ‘new spirit’ in the academic world - it aims to promote not only bright students that will continue in academia, but also people with leadership abilities and charisma, who will know how to utilize the knowledge they’ve acquired for fruitful and productive activities in the industry "

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Shani Nitzan

Born in 1987, graduated the CS general track in 2011. Holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Weizmann Institute and works as a software engineer in Microsoft in the field of Identity Management. Fell in love with Computer Science at the age of 14 in a programming camp.

" LAPIDIM program offers the perfect combination: studying computer science with supplementing tastes from the world of management and entrepreneurship "

Anat Etzion-Fuchs

Born in 1987, graduated with B.Sc in the CS Bioinformatics track in 2013. She worked as a Software Engineer in Qualcomm, and is currently a PhD student in the Computational Biology program within Princeton University. Loves movies, photography and gymnastics, collects dolls from around the world, and practices creative writing.

" One one hand, I was drawn to the logic and thinking of computer science, and on the other hand I have the passion to solve problems of the Molecular Biology world, thus I chose to study Bioinformatics. LAPIDIM program is unique because it directs the participants towards both excellence in Computer Science together with the desire to stand out in the practical world, be leaders in the community, take initiatives and act as entrepreneurs. "

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Arnon Yogev

Born in 1985, graduated the CS Software Engineering track in 2012. As a student he worked as a software developer in a joint research project of the Technion, Tel-Aviv University and MIT. He is currently working as a software engineer in the Social Technologies team in IBM Research and also doing an MBA degree in the Technion. Loves working with software and innovative technologies, enjoys scuba-diving and traveling to exotic places.

" LAPIDIM program provides excellent tools and opens doors both during and after school. Participating in the program gave me the opportunity to work in leading teams in the industry, which are not usually available for B.Sc. graduates. "

Amit Gross

Born in 1985, graduated the CS Computer Engineering track in 2013. As a student he worked in the IR team in IBM, and is currently an M.Sc. student in the department, supervised by Prof. Ran El-Yaniv. He is married and father of twins, Guy and Maya, and is very active in the community.

" The program enriches our world with ‘outside the box’ content. The lectures with past and present entrepreneurs are fascinating and help us make the right decision regarding our future intentions once finishing our studies. "

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Eyal Shulman

Born in 1986, graduated the CS general track in 2013. As a student he worked in the software engineering department in Intel, as well as being a teaching assistant in the CS Combinatorics course. He is currently working as an engineer in the Citi Technology Innovation Lab. Served in 8200 unit and loves sports, tfviravel and an occasional beer with friends.

" LAPIDIM program has excellent people, interesting content and amazing benefits, there should be no doubt about joining! "

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Dana Drachsler-Cohen

Born in 1988, graduated the CS general track in 2011. Graduated the Reali school in Haifa, served in the Intelligence Corps as a software engineer, and is currently studying for her PhD. Loves to travel and of course, study.

" Computer Science is one of the most fascinating fields in the world, and has become a focal point for academia, industry, and society. LAPIDIM program provides a rare opportunity to discover and learn about interesting projects in the industry, benefit from successful people’s experience, and even come up with ideas. "

Maor Bar Asher

Born in Gedera, graduated the CS general track in 2012. Worked as a Compiler Software Engineer in CEVA-DSP and is currently working as Senior Storage Development Engineer in Dell.

" Computing is a part of everything we do - in medicine, transportation and communication. I believe that the field of computer science encourages entrepreneurship and development in every aspect in life, and the profession itself helps develop thinking skills that enable solving great and complicated problems. LAPIDIM program sets the bar very high, but it’s definitely worth the effort! "

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Nadir Izrael

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Omer Tabach

Born in 1987, graduated the CS general track in 2011. Currently works in Google, Tel-Aviv. Lives in Ramat-Gan and plays bass guitar.

" Before I started my studies friends told me ‘studying Computer Science - only at the Technion!’. They weren’t wrong. I highly recommend LAPIDIM program! It’s a great way to meet talented people and smoothes your way into the B.Sc. studies. I owe my current job to the connections I made with other students in the program "

Dor Goldbaum

Born in 1987, graduated the CS general track in 2014. As a student, he worked in the Business Intelligence department in Microsoft, and is currently working there as a software engineer. Graduated from Ort Bialik high-school and served in the Israeli Air Force.

" LAPIDIM program provides great tools for excelling students who want to learn more about the industry, and allows them to do so in an excellent environment. "

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Shaul Kfir

Born in 1984, Shaul graduated the Technion with a double-degree in Physics and Computer Science in 2013. Prior to his studies Shaul served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli Navy. Shaul is currently CTO at Digital Asset Holdings, a financial technology firm based in New York.

" LAPIDIM program is a great networking platform for future entrepreneurs. One of the main factors that influenced me as an entrepreneur is my social network, a great part of which I owe to the programץ "

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Omer Toledano

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Yevgeny Dibrov

Born in 1988, graduated the CS Computer Engineering track in 2014. As a student he worked as a leading developer in the Firmware team in Mellanox, and is currently working as head of business development and regional manager of EMEA+APAC in Adallom. Lives in Tel-Aviv, a fan of Maccabi Tel-Aviv (basketball), and Barcelona (football). Travels abroad often, his favorite destination being the Netherlands. Has served in the Intelligence Corps’ technological unit in a number of different development and project management positions.

" In LAPIDIM program we find ourselves in a competitive entrepreneurial environment, meeting people who have already ‘made it’, and networking with LAPIDIM graduates "

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Izhak (Izik) Golan

Born in 1989, graduated the CS four-year track in 2014. As a student he worked in Qualcomm and is currently working as a developer in Final. Graduated from Leo Baeck high-school and served in the 8200 unit. Plays guitar and drums and enjoys working out in the gym.

" Academic studies are amazing and challenging. It is the last period in your life in which you are truly your own boss. LAPIDIM program is great, rewarding, and accommodates people who excel both socially and intellectually. "

Nofar Carmeli

Born in 1990, graduated the CS general track in 2015. As a student she participated in a student exchange program and spent a semester in Toronto, Canada. She represented the Technion in a regional programming competition in Portugal along with a team of LAPIDIM students, and established an Improv (comical improvisation) club in the Technion, which has “become something funny and wonderful”.

" LAPIDIM is a great program! The industry content is interesting and really puts things into perspective, the scholarship is very helpful and having an office is comfortable and facilitating. It’s also a great way to meet wonderful people "

Snir Cohen

Born in 1987, graduated the CS Computer Engineering track in 2015. Worked as a programmer in Google, and is currently studying for his M.Sc. in the department. Loves playing basketball and reading suspense novels.

" The Computer Engineering track combines basic courses in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and lets you choose only the paths that interest you. "

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Eden Saig

Born in 1988, graduated a double-degree in Physics and Computer Science at 2015 and working as a research assistant in the department. Also graduate of the agricultural high-school in Pardes-Hanna. His areas of interest include artificial intelligence, crowd-sourcing and algorithms inspired by real-world physical systems. In his spare time, Eden likes to windsurf, ride mountain bikes and work on various small-scale technological projects.

" The people I’ve met in the program became my best friends and partners. I was given a rare chance to take part in many activities that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise "

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Roni Refael

Born in 1989, graduate of David Kalay high school in Givatayim, where she majored in Computer Science, and of the IDF's computers unit, Mamram. Graduated the Computer Science track at 2015 and working as a software engineer at Google. Has always been drawn to science, technology, management and entrepreneurship. She believes in hard work, aspiring for excellence, teamwork and thinking outside the box.

" I have chosen to study Computer Science at the Technion since I wanted to be at the forefront of technology, and it is a great privilege to study in such an excellent institute with world-leading researchers. LAPIDIM program is the right place for people who see themselves as leading the next generation of the high-tech industry and academia "

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Ori Brusilovsky

Born in 1988, graduated the CS general track at 2015 and working at Google. Graduated Hugim high-school, IDF’s Nahal group, plays the piano and loves traveling and creating computer and mobile games.

" More than anything else, the program connects you to your kind of people - high quality computer science students who are also interested in entrepreneurship. It’s very significant in a world where networking is also important, not just personal and technical abilities. "

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Ella Lesser

Born in 1990, graduated the Computer Science general track. She worked as a software engineering intern in Microsoft. Graduate of the film department in Alon High School in Ramat-Hasharon and of IDF’s 8200 unit.

" I highly recommend the program, especially for those who want to be exposed to entrepreneurial content during their studies. "

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Gail Weiss

Born in 1991, graduated the Computer Engineering track in 2016. As a student she worked as a lab assistant in the Geometric Image Processing lab. Enjoys reading science-fiction and fantasy, drawing, Improv (comic improvisation) and Karate.

" Studying at the Technion can be tough, but most of the time it's fun. And in LAPIDIM there are a lot of great people to meet. "

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Rom Herskovitz

Born in 1989, graduated the Computer Engineering track in 2016. As a student he worked in the Geometric Image Processing lab. Has served in the military 8200 unit as a soldier and an officer, and enjoys long-distance running.

" The Computer Engineering track teaches you to look at the whole picture of the computer world, with both software and hardware aspects in mind. LAPIDIM program exposes us to the complex world of entrepreneurship, and we get a chance to meet people of the highest quality both in the industry and in the academia "

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Niv Haim

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Avner Elizarov

Born in 1990, graduated the Software Engineering track in 2016. As a student he worked as an engineer in the defence industry. Has traveled to Central America and enjoys playing guitar and reading.

" Ever since I was a child I’ve enjoyed working with computers and I was eager to learn. I’ve discovered that this field covers much more than just programming, and it involves many fascinating topics. One of the program’s advantages is the chance to get to know LAPIDIM graduates from previous years. We learn a lot from them "

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Itay Rosenberg

Born in 1987, currently studying for a double-degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and working as a programmer in Rafael. Has served for six and a half years as an officer in IAF’s Aerial Defense Formation.

" LAPIDIM program is highly beneficial in providing skills that are usually not acquired during studies "

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Gil Ben Shachar

Born in 1990, graduated the four-year Computer Science track in 2016. Currently an M.Sc. student in the department. Plays the piano and loves books.

" Computer science offers a combination of academia and industry, and touches almost every aspect in life. LAPIDIM program is a great jumping-off point for special things in your future career. "

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Gal Braun

Born in 1990, graduated the three-year Computer Science track and currently working as a data scientist in SentinelOne. Loves computers, both as a profession and a hobby, as well as traveling and learning new things.

" I’ve always been drawn to the ever-changing world of computers. LAPIDIM program is a sure win! "

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Ori Sberlo

Born in 1991, graduated a double-degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2016. Served in the 8200 unit during his military service and loves music.

" Are you thinking about joining LAPIDIM? The answer is YES! "

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Eilon Gal

Born in 1990, currently studying in the Computer Engineering track. Loves basketball, photography, traveling, technology and more.

" I've been enthusiastic about technology and computers since I can remember myself. If you are passionate about creation and innovation, you could very well be an entrepreneur and LAPIDIM is the place for you. "

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Michal Cohen

Born in 1995, graduated the enhanced Program Engineering track in 2017. Currently an M.Sc. student in the department. Presented her high-school project in the LIYSF (London International Youth Science Forum).

" I’ve been given a chance to join a high-quality group of people, and every day in the department brings out the most in me. I have no doubt after the four years of my studies I will have acquired tools that will make me the best engineer I can be "

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Dori Medini

Born in 1989, currently studying for a double-degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

" Computers haven't been around long enough for humanity to understand what they can do... I want to be where their boundaries are tested "

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Uzi Smadja

Born in 1991, graduated the Computer Science track in 2016. Loves sports.

" The LAPIDIM program is your chance to discover that excellence is not only about grades, it goes well beyond "

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