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Dan Aaronson

Born in 1998, Dan is enrolled in the software engineering track. He chose to study computer science because he sees it as a very central field today, used in many other areas—whether because of the computer science way of thinking, its algorithms or the use of computers to perform tasks. At the age of 10, Dan came on “aliyah”, moving from the US to Tel Mond, where he finished school. During high school, he studied in the science-engineering track, where he was introduced to the fields of biology, electronics and algorithms. His studies in this track led him to appreciate the field of entrepreneurship and understand the need for studying in order to acquire a wide range of knowledge from which solutions can be found to existing problems. Dan is a reserve officer who will complete his army service after graduating.

" In my opinion, anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur and a leader should try to be part of this program. I believe that the enrichment sessions and meetings with industry leaders will give us important tools for succeeding and advancing in the field of entrepreneurship. Moreover, we are joining a group of outstanding students in the faculty that can help each other continue to excel in our studies "

Gilad Levi

Born in 1995, Gilad is enrolled in the computer engineering study track.

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Barak Gur

Born in 1994, Barak is studying for a degree in computer science, physics and mathematics. In his opinion, the ability to adapt to the way of mathematical thinking and internalize it is the most significant, challenging and rewarding part of the start of academic studies. Mathematics is the steadfast basis of all fields of knowledge, and especially computer science; therefore, a strong foundation in mathematics is a great jumping-off point for every new area. Barak grew up in Rosh Ha’Ayin and studied in the Handasaim High School in Herzliya. As far back as he can remember, he has been involved in science and technology. For him, it seems so natural and basic, so that he always looked for it around him and wanted to learn more about it. He is naturally inquisitive, loves to read, learn new things, travel and get to know new places and people.

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Yarden Adir

Born in 1998, Yarden is enrolled in the software engineering track. He was drawn to the field of computer science because it is a developing area, whose potential has still not been realized. At the age of 9, Yarden and his family moved to the US because of his father’s work and remained there for three years. He studied in Comprehensive High School 11 in Rishon LeZion and loves to play guitar in his free time.

" During undergraduate studies, we cover many and varied topics in the field of technology and the LAPIDIM program enables us to also study the more practical side of the technology industry, which is no less important if the objective is to reach significant success in the field of technology "

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Or Guz

Born in 1993, Or is enrolled in the three-year computer science track. Or has always been drawn to the field of computer science, and therefore, choosing to study at the Technion was natural. The field is actually one of problem solving, thinking outside of the box and transforming ideas into reality. Or studied in the Comprehensive High School in Hadera in the computer science and physics track. He played basketball from a young age up until the start of his studies and likes to play in his free time today. In addition, he loves sports, snowboarding and travelling around the world.

" A unique opportunity to be exposed to important content from the world of entrepreneurship while meeting the outstanding people in the program "

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Lior Zadik

Born in 1994, Lior is enrolled in the four-year computer science track. Lior has always been interested in computers and mathematics and chose to study computer science because he sees it as a combination of the two. Using a computer, wonderful things can be created and an unlimited number of areas can be affected. Lior lives in Kiryat Haim. He loves the cinema, books and hiking in Israel and around the world.

" The program offers the opportunity to meet outstanding people and be exposed to the world of high tech "

Yarden Shapira

Born in 1994, Yarden is enrolled in the four-year computer science track. She has always been drawn to the world of computers and knew that this is where she wanted to work. For her, there is something very special in the combination of theory and practice in every course. She wants to work with people and move up to a management position. She was born in Kiryat Haim, and in high school, studied in the exact sciences track. In Grade 12, Yarden participated in the Algebra A course at the Technion, which is part of the ‘Integrating Outstanding High School Students in Academic Studies’ program. Yarden served a year and a half in the pilot’s course for military navigation and an additional half year as the aide to the commander of Shayetet 13 of the navy. After this, she worked for about a year in a medical start-up, “Check Cup”, setting up an engineering team for product testing. She wrote and conducted software checks and manual tests. She loves to play piano and guitar, to read and participate in sports.

" I recommend to any outstanding and inquisitive student that wants to learn more than just computer science but also about the world of industry and management and entrepreneurship – that he or she join the program. This is a golden opportunity for students so there’s no reason not to try "

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Rachel Mikulinsky

Born in 1993, Rachel is enrolled in the double major program of physics and computer science and also works as a programmer in Aperio. She was exposed to the world of computers in the army and understood that this a broad and diverse world in she can find her place. She was born in Rehovot, served in the 8200 military unit as a soldier, becoming an officer and team leader.

" Why not? This is an opportunity to do something non-routine, which is always nice and enriching "

Hadas Orgad

Born in 1995, Hadas is enrolled in the four-year computer science track. She views her studies at the Technion as challenging and rewarding. This is an opportunity to learn at the highest level and be exposed to the diverse and fascinating world of technology. Hadas served as the commander of a network information security team in the Information Systems, Processes and Computer Unit – the Navy’s computer division. She loves to sing, play guitar and draw.

" If you are interested in entrepreneurship, and want to get the most out of your undergraduate degree – this is the track for you "

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Tal Alon

Born in 1998, Tal is enrolled in the enhanced software engineering track. She chose to study computer science because, in her opinion, this is a dynamic area offering a wide range of opportunities, which may lead to solutions of significant problems and advance society. She lives in Or Yehuda, in the Neve Rabin neighborhood. Tal graduated from Ben Zvi High School in Kiryat Ono, with her focus on computers and Arabic. She spent several years swimming competitively and still loves to swim. She continues to practice, work out and run. Tal is a military reservist in the Psagot program.

" The LAPIDIM program is a path to knowledge and empowerment both in the field of technology and management; the combination of the two areas is a significant springboard "

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Elia Turner

Born in 1992, currently studying toward a double degree in mathematics and computer science. She works as a programmer at Mellanox. She chose to study computer science because of her love for reasoning and the logic hiding behind it, and the fact that in contrast to other programs, big things happen just from code and correct thinking. In addition, she likes the mathematical side of computer science, so she chose to also get a degree in mathematics. She has lived her whole life in Tel Aviv. She graduated from Alliance High School and served in the air force in the Mitzpe Ramon base (in an air traffic control unit), and after her mandatory service, signed on for the standing army in the squadron based at Sde Dov. She loves to be involved with music (to play/to listen) and to travel. She has already been to a number of places around the world and hopes to continue to travel/to work in new places after she graduates.

" I highly recommend it! The program exposes students to what is happening in the high-tech industry—which doesn’t happen in our day-to-day lives as students "

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Nicola Avdella

Born in 1996, Nicola is enrolled in the software engineering study track. He chose computer science because in this field, ideas can be turned into something real. He began his Technion career with a year in the preparatory program, which for him was a new and wonderful experience. He likes to ride all terrain bikes and play tennis.

" This is a good opportunity that enables you to be in an environment that makes your studies even more interesting. For instance, to be around people with high potential pushes you in a very nice way to improve yourself and go more in-depth into the field. This is in addition to activities and lectures that the program offers, which help students see the field of computer science from the perspective of industry. Let’s also not forget the benefits that the program provides its students within the Faculty as well as the scholarship "

Nikolay (Niko) Kudriastev

Born in 1990, Niko is enrolled in the general computer science study track. He warmly recommends the algebra courses (A + B) given by Nir Ben-David. He thinks taking them is a rare academic and personal experience. Niko admits that “he talks too much".

" For a student who is interested in entrepreneurship and leadership, there is no reason not to try to join the program "

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Shai Zeevi

Born in 1997, Shai is enrolled in the enhanced software engineering study track. Shai has been interested in computer science, and especially programming, for many years. He particularly likes that the field has a lot of dynamics, range and innumerable opportunities for learning and gaining experience. Shai was born and has lived his whole life in Ra’anana. He graduated from Mor Metro-West High School. He has an identical twin brother who is also an army reserve student but who is studying in Tel Aviv.

" There was no doubt about having to join if you’re a student that enjoys studying and wants to be a significant part of technological industry – Lapidim is the right place. I am sure that the program will give each student the supportive and challenging environment he or she needs to make the most of their potential "

Sharon Yogev

Born in 1991, Sharon is enrolled in the computer engineering study track and works as a full stack developer for FanZone. He has always loved the field of computers and technology, so it was natural for him to study these at the Technion after also being involved with them during his army service. He served five and a half years as a soldier and then as an officer in the 8200 technology unit. In general, he loves sports, especially karate (he is on the Technion’s karate team).

" There is no reason why not. You meet good people and get exposed to interesting subjects "

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Liron Bronfman

Born in 1997, Liron is enrolled in the three-year computer science study track. He works as a bioinformatics scientist in the Lam Laboratory, in the Faculty of Biology. In Liron’s opinion, computer science is a very interesting study track, combining practice and serious mathematical theory. He believes that the Technion has outstanding teaching faculty and offers a lot of opportunities for personal development. Liron graduated from “Madaim” (Science) High School in Lod. He enjoys debating and every so often goes mountain climbing.

" The program is interesting and excellent, offers a practical perspective towards the degree and beyond it "

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Omer Elkabetz

Born in 1993, currently studying toward a double degree in mathematics and computer science. Since childhood, Omer has loved mathematics and riddles. When he started studying programming in school, he fell deeply in love with problem solving programming and the mathematical side of the complex algorithms involved in this. He believes that it is possible to go very far with the tremendous power of computers combined with high mathematical abilities. Omer served in Unit 8200. He likes sports, playing beach volley ball with friends and spending time with his family.

" The program has a lot of added value because it acquaints you with the industrial side, business plans, entrepreneurship, and management. It enables you to get to know high quality people. I strongly recommend it "

Elad Nachmias

Born in 1992, Elad is in the enhanced software engineering program. Previously, Elad worked in programming and content management systems development. He believes that entrepreneurs should be able to set up the information systems they want, without having prior programming knowledge the computer should select the most appropriate algorithms for the task. At the Technion, he is learning not to accept the existing state of affairs, especially convincing solutions. He is a skeptic looking for finding new and creative solutions. In his spare time, he loves to run, particularly on the beach.

" The LAPIDIM program constitutes a golden opportunity for whoever is interested in developing a career in which he or she will lead creative and entrepreneurial processes that impact future technology "

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Valentin Dashinsky

Born in 1990, Valentin is enrolled in the three-year computer science degree program and also works as a freelance game and application developer for Google Play. He is a graduate of the computer science track of the Amal High School in Nahariya. He served as a patrol commander in an army base near Ramallah and between patrols, developed Flash games. He loves sports, the sea, nature hikes, beer, good steaks and bamba! In his spare time, he is learning how to kite surf and works on his own projects.

" Don’t hesitate, do what you have to do to become part of the program. "

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Daniella Bar lev

Born in 1994, currently studying for a double-degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and working in ScaleIO-EMC. I chose to study computer science mainly because I really enjoyed it in high school; the combination with mathematics felt natural from the beginning and the more I advance in my degree studies, the more I see how the fields are interconnected and complementary. She grew up in Ashdod, volunteered to serve in the IDF and worked as a project manager in the medical corps. One of her main pastimes is playing tennis.

" The LAPIDIM program exposed me to the world of computer science in industry and thus I found the direction I want to move in, professionally. Further, through the program I met amazing, high caliber people and I don’t regret for an instant joining the program "

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Eilon Gal

Born in 1990, currently studying in the Computer Engineering track. Loves basketball, photography, traveling, technology and more.

" I've been enthusiastic about technology and computers since I can remember myself. If you are passionate about creation and innovation, you could very well be an entrepreneur and LAPIDIM is the place for you. "

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